How Do Children Learn Language?

Language is an integral part of learning as it tests comprehension, and in Bogaerts Multinational school, the English Primary Brussels learning is made fun and enjoyable to the learner.

The Methodology

Through four different pillared approaches; Transdisciplinary, Inquiry-based, conceptual-based, and knowledge-based approach, children aged 3-11 obtain different skill sets following their PYP Curriculum.

The methodology integrated into the IB Primary Brussels churns the children to language maestros and makes them closely understand different languages’ linguistics.

English is given priority as a common language despite the bilingual school nature of the intercultural and diverse children. Therefore, the children learn the language from the tutors and from each other faster through their interaction.

Diverse and Multi-Cultured Environment

The Bogaerts International School is highly multi-cultured to the threshold of a multinational school in Brussels. Diversity pushes the children to find common ground for learning a similar language.

Consequently, the children, both intentionally and unintentionally, find themselves acquire different skill sets. The Early Years (age 3-6) develop life skills, social skills, and play learning skills. The Upper PYP (age 6-11), on the other hand, acquire creative, critical thinking, and transdisciplinary. Both the early years and upper PYP makes the school bilingual through skills acquisition.

The Bogaerts International School equips your child with the ability to communicate coherently, audibly, boldly, and efficiently. It is a bilingual multinational school that offers exemplary primary English in Brussels.

The English Primary Brussels offered furthers the child’s development and cognitive language in English and other languages such as French. The children in different learning levels are taught to varying speeds with expertise and precision from the tutors. Besides, the children with language gifts and those struggling (taking time) to grasp language are offered exceptional attention because not all children have an average learning ability.

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