The perfect checklist for visiting an international school

The adrenaline that often comes with visiting a new place tends to be similar even in visiting a school. Visiting an international School in Brussels presents you with an opportunity to learn more about the School physically from virtual learning.

Developing a checklist will simplify your work such that your visit to any international school in Brussels will be seamless. Bogaerts International school will even make your stay better and more fun.

Virtual/Online Check

Checking the School’s online presence before a physical visit should be the first thing on the bucket list. An English boarding school’s online presence will help you reconcile with what you anticipate to meet on the School’s physical visit.

It will also be an almost assurance of online engagement to both the children and parents through the School’s website.

School Amenities

A checklist for visiting School should include the expected amenities desired; This consists of the school infrastructure system and how they conduct and drive their system during the school sessions.

The essential extras that you can never miss in your checklist are the classroom size and the co-curriculum facilities, e.g., football pitch. If it is a boarding school, one can include the children’s dormitory.

Teachers and Staff

One can inquire and find out about the teachers and staff in the School; This will help understand the School’s approach. Also, for the children’s safety, one can find out the parent-teacher/staff engagement and interaction basis.

The Frequently Asked Questions

The checklist to an international school in Brussels should finally have the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It includes and is not limited to questions on security, the teacher-children ratio per class, the number of streams and children per stream, accessibility of the School from the airport for a younger child, how they deal with children with special needs, etc.

It is essential to know that, upon developing the checklist, before the visit, one can also ask the child what their preference of the School is, and upon the visit, the child can be tagged along.

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