Ages  4 to 10
Days  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, 15:30 to 17:30
Price  7,50€ per child per contracted hour per day; (10,00€ for non-contracted child care)

Stay & Play is an electronic free experience for your children. 

Each day we will present organised activities including: 

– Daily homework assistance;
– Supervised outdoor or indoor free-play (weather dictated);
– Indoor games to encourage self-expression and creative thinking;
– Daily story-time to develop and encourage reading;

Parents can choose the days and hours per week in accordance with their needs. 

Stay & Play will be offered on all days that Bogaerts is scheduled to be in session. 

STEAM4KIDS 2020-2021 After-School Program
STEAM4KIDS 2021-2022 After-School Program

Days:  Wednesdays, 12:30 – 15:30  
             Fall/Winter Semester: 500,00€
             Winter/Spring Semester: 600,00€
             Year-long Subscription: 1000,00€  

Each weekly, half-day program includes a combination of the following workshops:

– Scientific exploration and material manipulation:  Children will discover through physical exploration, the magic of reality: properties, states and transformation of matter; mass & density; motion, acceleration, friction, gravity; light and colour; plants & animals, etc.

– Arts & Crafts: From colouring to cutting and pasting, learning to work with tools is crucial from very early childhood. The development of intelligence is correlated with the development of hand-eye coordination. Producing quality manual work requires a great deal of attention and concentration. Intellectual resources are therefore fully used.  

– Outdoor and indoor organized athletic activities, including Yoga for young children. Through fun and interactive exercises, children will discover the benefits of teamwork, improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

When: Wednesdays, 12:30 – 15:30
               Fall/Winter Semester: 500,00€
               Winter/Spring Semester: 600,00€
               Year-long Subscription: 1000,00€ 

Each weekly, half-day program includes a combination of the following workshops:

Young Engineers Simple & Compound Machines:  Students will build machines using LEGO®️ Technics bricks to understand basic mechanical engineering principles and concepts to include the concepts of force, energy, and motion. The machines will be based on one or a combination of levers, inclined planes, screws, wedges, wheels and axles, pulleys and gears.

Young Engineers – Powered Machines:  Powered Machines is a continuation of Simple and Compound Machines. Students will build increasingly complex machines using motorized LEGO® Technic bricks to understand more advanced mechanical and electrical engineering principles and concepts.

Young Engineers – Mechanical Computers and Introduction to Coding: This workshop explores how computers function and the basics of computer engineering. Children will discover how mechanical switches, connected together, can do smart things. Students will build computing machines to understand basic computer engineering.

– Multi-Sport is a program of team athletics. Each term, students will participate in various competitive sports. The goal of the program is to promote active, outdoor, competitive play, build teamwork and good sportsmanship habits.

When:  Wednesdays, 16:00-17:00
               Fall/Winter Semester: 300,00€
               Winter/Spring Semester: 400,00€
               Year-long Subscription: 650,00€ 

This program includes the following three workshops:

Science Discovery
This workshop explores science “essentials”— ideas and thinking tools necessary for science learning. Good thinkers listen or read carefully and question whether what they see or hear is true and accurate. This habit of questioning and evaluating the value of any claim is called critical thinking. In this workshop, students will discover what science is, how scientists think critically, recognize and minimize cognitive bias, how to apply the scientific method, and how to design a controlled experiment. Throughout the workshop, students will explore the basic concepts of measurement, probability & statistics, forces, motion, and waves and more complex concepts including matter, energy, heat, light, basic chemistry, cosmology, evolution, climate & environment.- all while encouraging investigation skills.

Introduction to Coding & Robotics
During this workshop, students will use algorithm design languages, including SCRATCH, JAVA Script, and PYTHON to create interactive games.  With the LEGO®️ MINDSTORMS®️ EV3 kit, students design and build programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components. Students will design, build and program their robots using creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. The course motivates students to plan, predict, test, problem-solve, analyze, and explore.

Introduction to Digital Photography
This workshop covers basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera and will address technical, aesthetic and expressive concepts as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light and color.  Students will also learn tools and tricks available to photographers through Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, an entry-level photo editing software. Students will learn to adjust brightness and contrast elements, correct skin tone, adjust depth of field, cropping, color casting, black & white effects, adding text, creating collages, and a wide range of pop art, motion, reflection, background, meme and aging effects.

Tennis – FREE TRIAL 

All levels from 3 to 18 years old September 6th 2020

Reserve your place at franckallegre@gmail.com

Created in 2001, our tennis school aims to transmit our passion for tennis to children from 3 years old. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.
Our school offers an annual cycle of tennis, dance and multisport lessons. A dynamic team, in perpetual training, listening to your needs and objectives.
In order to guarantee quality education and keep this family spirit that characterizes us, the groups will be formed according to the age and level of the child. Groups include a maximum of 4 children.

Visit our site: www.creativetennisacademy.be

Contact us: vanessa@cta-tennis.be

 Boxing is an educational sport that adapts to everyone, whatever the age, provided that it is supervised by an excellent teacher with pedagogy.
There are many. There are the physical benefits of course since during a class, the child will exercise a maximum, running, jumping, working the muscles of the whole body and laughing which is excellent for the abs. , there is also an evolution at the mental level. I work with them the psychomotricity (the right, the left, the feet, the hands, etc.) but also the reflexes, the agility, the coordination of the movements. long term, boxing allows a child to gain self-confidence, he is able to achieve goals, to progress, to exceed his limits and that is excellent for the image he has of him. also attaches great importance to teaching them respect for instructions and for each other. It is obviously forbidden to hurt. And I must say that it goes very well. Faced with novelty, children are attentive and The group effect is also beneficial. They observe, imitate and learn together. 
 Contact us: 0474 39 41 52

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