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BOGAERTSInternational School

Bogaerts International School is located in Brussels in the heart of Europe, a very vibrant and significant place in a globalized world. Brussels is home to European and Euro-Atlantic institutions and hosts diplomatic representatives from all over the world. In Brussels, we unite the European nations and build alliances for a better future.

In BIS the individual student becomes a global citizen, and a lifelong learner, capable of facing complex global challenges, and functioning in a diverse international community with respect for the environment and humanity.

The school stems from Bogaerts Education, founded in 1970 by Rodolphe Bogaerts.

International School ?

Bogaerts International School boasts many excellent qualities, but there are three in particular that make us proud to call ourselves a learning institution:

  • Our approaches to teaching & learning;
  • Our learning environment;
  • Our dedication to international education.
Of Bogaerts for Teaching & learning

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop students who can apply knowledge, skills, and principles to contribute to the global community.

Thus, Bogaerts International School Curriculum focuses on the individual learner, and seeks to foster both personal and academic growth through relevant and forward-thinking learning experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine passionate, technologically innovative, student-centered approaches to teaching and learning with shared community values to foster a love of inquiry, and therefore a dedication to positive action around the world.

Our Philosophy

Bogaerts International School holds these values above all others:

  • Respect: recognizing the importance of all parts of a community equally, and valuing ourselves, others, and our surroundings;
  • Integrity: possessing the qualities of honesty and fairness, and applying those qualities to the learning community to improve it;
  • Collaboration: engaging members of the learning community to enhance motivation and the quality of learning;
  • Family: fostering a sense of safety and trust within the learning community;
  • Innovation: instilling knowledge and skills within the learning community that prepare students for their futures in a changing and increasingly digitized world.

Our Learning Environment:
Latour de Freins, Belgium, Europe, the World

Bogaerts International School prides itself, first and foremost, on its campus. The chateau in which the school is situated was designed and erected by the architect Henri Maquet (also responsible for the current façade of the Palais Royal, in Brussels) in the early 1900’s. Thoughout its lifetime, the chateau has operated as a bridge between the past and the future, serving as a medical recovery facility, a high-tech research and development center, and a conference center. It is with this in mind that we, too, take up residence in this classic building.


The domain also boasts an excellent physical location, being a short walk from both Uccle and Linkebeek, which are transportation hubs and fantastically
educational locations. However, though the campus lies close to major suburbs
and cities, its charming woodlands offer appealing shelter from the bustle of a
city center. Within the campus, students can learn and relax in a quiet,
natural environment; outside of its gates, students are a walk away from
experiencing all that Brussels has to offer in terms of educational and
cultural enrichment.




The IB Pedagogy

Bogaerts International School is enormously proud to offer an International Baccalaureate education to students from ages 3 to 18. Not only does IB methodology offer academically rigorous, challenging, and competitive curriculum, but it is the most highly recognized international education approach in the world. Well over 6,000 IB programmes are offered around the world, and in 153 nations.


We believe that the best way forward, the only way forward, for our students to succeed in a globalized, digitized age is to have the advantages of an education that guides students toward an open-minded, courageous, principled view of the world around them. Bogaerts International School, in conjunction with the IB, seeks to provide students with the diverse tools that they need to not just exist within the international community, but to have the will and the skill necessary to make their mark, and support that community.

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