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Learning Community Updates 06/05/2020

Here are our distance education learning community updates for this week. If parents or students have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your coordinators for more information.

Learning Community Updates 18/03/2020

In lieu of many emails, B.I.S. has composed this once-per-week “newsletter” to help communicate the most important distance-learning and campus closure updates. If parents or students have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your coordinators for more information.

What parents are saying about
our Distance Learning Programme...

Making history

Big THANK YOU to the Teachers and to the entire B.I.S. team to put across a super resiliency plan in such a short notice. I am sanguine that this period will get over and Bogaerts International School will make history of being a small school and yet stood  like a mammoth for its STUDENTS and COMMUNITY.

Happy holidays 😊👏


Thank you all for your outstanding handling of the courses for all BiS students in this very difficult circumstance.  and I can say on my part, I was not mistaken in the choice of school for my daughter since 2015 and certainly, I will always continue to believe in your skills and your teaching qualities. The BIS team has proven us once again  their interests and care for their students & community. 

The New Normal

It’s indeed a great experience which we all going through at this time . I call it the “ new normal “ . Anyways with regards to the children , it’s an excellent job that the school has arranged . The 3rd week of Distance education is going on super well , with less screen time as promised . Thanks again to the whole Bogaerts team.

To the TEACHERS in full caps!

They’ve been present, rigorous in their requirements but supple to accommodate their students’ problems and help them through those. I’m sure it was not easy…

They’ve been positive and encouraging as well. I am absolutely amazed not only by how they managed to make this work, but also by how they managed to make this work so well. You deserve my sincere thanks and I’m sure I echo many parents’ thoughts as well as mine!

Also, credit where credit is ALSO due: the school’s administration has proven itself capable of putting in place a structure, literally overnight, that was workable and coherent and posed no stress either to the students or the parents. There’s both transparency and ease of use. So, thank you all as well for making sure these teachers could show us their skills in handling this situation. All in all, I’m very happy with the way the school as a whole has managed this situation. You all have my heartfelt thanks! 👏

Teachers are the superheroes of today. Great teachers form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people. Great teachers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. Teachers with these qualities are at Bogaerts, making themselves available to students and parents who need them.
Distance learning
“From Rainbow time, practicing oral language skills by giving clear instructions in an integrated PSPE activity broken down in stations (Active living/Identity) to family following a PE video shared on Seesaw. Check out what the Bogaerts families are up to during our first week of distance learning.”
PYP Distance learning
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COVID 2019 - UPDATE 11/03/2020

As we monitor the situation as it stands, we will continue to update this page with important news and documentation. Below, you will find our intervention planning. At this time, we consider our risk level to be medium. We are maintaining all interventions at this risk level, and frequently assessing risk with our leadership team and health officials. 

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COVID 2019 - Important notice

ATTENTION : update on B.I.S. COVID preparedness program.

After additional consultations we provide you an update on BIS COVID preparedness program.

This message follows and replaces the previous message distributed on the precautionary measures with regard to the COVID 2019 outbreak.

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