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Our new north campus will be located in Diegem, Belgium. NATO and many multinational companies are just next door to this campus.  This new location will serve the BIS community in the north of Brussels.  We anticipate many current BIS students will transfer their enrollment to this campus.  Teachers at the south campus will also have the opportunity to transfer their roles to the new campus. 

Therefore the same academic atmosphere and supportive community that makes BIS special will be present at the north campus. 

This campus will be led by Raphael Angel, a highly experienced educator with an extensive understanding of the International Baccalaureate Program. 

Meet our North Campus Pedagogical Director

Warmest greetings to the Bogaerts Education community,

My name is J. Rafael Ángel. I have been teaching since 1999, and I have had the pleasure to work and learn in the 3 IB regions as an educator, program coordinator and teaching and learning director.

I am an educator by trade. This means that I believe that learning must never be compromised despite the challenges. I believe in accompanying children in their learning journeys and in using their experiences to shape the learning cosmos that we create.

I am forever a learner, and a firm believer in meaningful collaboration.

Presenter IB Global Conferences
IB Continuum Teacher, Coordinator & Learning Director
Mexico, USA, Argentina, Jordan, India, China & UAE
Coaches, trains & supports schools around the world
Publications MYP & DP teaching resources

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